About ARP

The Assistance and Recovery Program, Inc. is the organization that assists Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 members and their families who may have a drug and/or alcohol related disorder. ARP, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, separate from the Union, employers and the Benefit Trust Fund. This places ARP in a neutural position where we can help the members and their families confidentially.

ARP was established by employee and employer representatives to help both the Members of Local 3 and the Signatory Employers with establishing and maintaining a drug free workforce. Additionally ARP works with the Health Trust Funds to provide cost effective solutions to drug and alcohol related health issues.

All ARP services are kept confidential to the fullest extent possible under federal and state law.


Please call us at: (510) 748-7444 or (800) 562-3277


Assistance & Recovery Program

1620 South Loop Road

Alameda CA 94502

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Toll Free (800) 562-3277 - California Office (510) 748-7444 - Hawaii Office (808) 842-4624