Alcohol Dependent / Alcoholism

The consumption of alcohol is common throughout this country. Most people drink sparingly or in moderation, but for some people alcohol consumption can become chronic. It is not certain what causes this in some people and not in others. Some evidence points towards an inherited disease, while others become alcoholic with no known family history.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that over 17 million people have a problem with over consumption of alcohol. Over half of these people (some 8.5 million Americans) are alcoholics or “alcohol dependent” as the medical profession is now calling this disease.

It is important for both the alcoholic and their family to remember that alcoholism is a disease not a weakness. Most alcoholics would stop drinking if they could, but they suffer from an addicion, that makes them preoccupied with drinking and unable to control how much or how often they drink. Like diabetes, the disease of alcoholism can be treated but not cured. Unlike diabetes, there is no test to determine who does or does not have the disease. Alcoholism is a progressive disease that will worsen in time. It takes more and more alcohol to achieve the effect the alcoholism is looking for. In time, the consumption of alcohol increases to the point that it leads to serious medical conditions, wet brain or death.

If you feel that you or a family member has a problem, or may have a problem, with drinking call the friendly staff at ARP. All calls are kept confidential and our professional staff can help you in determining if the problem of alcoholism exists and if so how best to treat it.


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