Prescription Medication Abuse

The misuse of prescription drugs is on the rise in the United States. Over 15 million Americans reported abusing prescriptions in 2005. The misuse of prescription drugs is second only to marijuana as this nation’s most prevailing drug problem.

Two types of the most commonly abused drugs are opioids and benzodiazepines. Opioids are generally used to control pain. Benzodiazepines, or tranquilizers, are used to manage anxiety. These drugs are prescribed for short-term use such as acute pain and anxiety that is in reaction to a specific event. They may also be prescribed for chronic pain or generalized anxiety.

Addiction to and withdrawal from prescription drugs can be more dangerous than other substances because of the insidious nature of these drugs. This is why you should not try to stop on your own. Quitting prescription medication abuse can be lethal if not properly supervised and controlled. The staff at ARP can help. Call for a confidential appointment with our professional staff.


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